About Us



Who are we?

we are a young community of fashion enthusiasts.Our designs are deep expression of what we imagine of a highlycreative streetwear. We often find ourselves in the company of our friends, indulged in the creation of homie-approved apparel.Our Journey:

Started off as a wholesale clothing brand in Bangalore, in 2020,Ballucci was a spot on success selling casual wear for men. We've hadcustomers nation wide. From the feedbacks we received, we understoodthe potential for us to grow as an appreciated streetwear brand.All the love and motivation we received urged us to go retail. Here we are to give you the best streetwear game out there.Founders:

Ballucci's success is what came from the hard work of two very goodfriends who found passion in creating these stunning streetwears.Midlaj an engineering graduate, who was never satisfied with hismonotonous 9-5, planned to launch a clothing brand with his close friend Salman who found himself in the same shoes. Rest is history.When not involved in business, they are either travelling or planningwhere to skydive next!